Type of coordinates & other disappear



Type of coordinates ( in LANGUAGE & UNITS ) disappear from App ? And add photo, video & other file to feature (point, polyline, polygon) disappear too, for that I return to use version 12.0. With new version some tools disappear and many problems come in.

Is possible add tools to App make it add data from excel file? ( It is idea )

Thanks for yours effort



Hi Ahmed,
the coordinates are now defined per project. Every project can have defined own Coordinate reference system (CRS), To change CRS close current project > open menu for project > choose “Edit project” and select new CRS. Please see also http://docs.locusgis.com/article/creating-a-new-project/
Regarding attachment - would you please send me screenshot from your app to depict that attachments do not work.
I would also ask you to create new idea where others would vote for it. Please describe more detailed your idea related with data from excel.
Thanks, Petr


Hi petr

Thank you for reply, about (Type of coordinates) as I expected in Project Data . Sometime I need change view type of coordinates to take different X,Y to please. Now, it is difficult to view more type of coordinates in front of APP. I hope you re-add view ( Type of coordinates) in ( settings>>language&units ) together with Project Data .

As for Attachment (add) photos, video & other file to feature (point, polyline, polygon) this is photo to app I used ( LocusGIS 12.0 ):

My idea about add data from Microsoft excel file ( has X,Y ) to LocusGIS such as GPX and KML file , that make app connected with excel file has X,Y coordinate .

With all good wishes


Pictures and other media

what type you coordinates do you mean, please? From my point of view the different type of coordinates is basically different Coordinate reference system.
Regarding attachments - you’re right there was option to add or select file or existed image. Unfortunately there was an issue with these attachment during export for QGIS. However I can understand that local attachments are useful (this is the reason why we enabled it in previous version).

Thank you also for new idea.


About (Type of coordinates) I mean change coordinate view in top front of app from X,Y UTM to Long, Lat WGS or vice versa ( see photo LucosGIS 12 ):-

Thanks for your response on my suggestion about add photos and other file as attachment to data, I looking forward in new version .



thank you for screenshot. I only wanted to mention that you can change Coordinate reference system in project settings. What reference system you’re interested in, please?


many thanks Petr, I like work in LocusGIS it is very useful to me. discuss with you and your team about App very important to share idea about development App.
in my work I use two reference system ( WGS 1984- Lat,Lon / UTM - UTM zone 38N )
some time I want (( change view )) of coordinate from Lat,Lon(WGS) to X,Y(UTM) in front of App without change Coordinate reference system in project settings.it is like convert coordinate.
I wrote you more details about my idea [Add excel file to Project Data], I hope it is well.

with all good wishes


thank you for explanation.The current solution is not bug but it was made based on precondition that the most users work with the single CRS. I can understand you situation but I would not change it right now. Let’s wait for other reactions.
Thanks, Petr