The tracklog bottun is missing after the upgrade


I can’t start recording tracklog after the last upgrade

No Track recording in new Locus Gis version?

we’re sorry for troubles. The track recording is still available. To record the track tap on option of line or polygon layer and add new line using “Record new line”



Thank you very much!


This week my Locus Gis was updated to version 0.12.0, working as Locus Pro. But I miss funktion “Track recording” (Zaznam trasy) in main menu. Where can I find it? Is it available somewhere to buy it? I used this fuktion a lot.


Lookthis topic, there is the answer


as @Tibor already mentioned the track recording is still available in Locus GIS. The feature was removed from the main panel to unify the work flow how to create new features. More over in the new version you can create also polygon using recording of the movement.
Thanks for understanding


Great! Thanks a lot. I spent hours to find it! Now lets work again.