Sync in the cloud


Hi all,
I was wondering if it’s possible to work in sync with some cloud.
I mean we already have the possibility to import/export .shp to DB or GD, wich I do each time respectively before and after my field survey.
But i’ld find very useful (and safe) to sync the data direcly online and ready for QGIS (fully available when no internet and sync as soon as internet is available). So it’ld become easy to change from the smartphone to the PC and back…
It’s could also open door to multi-user…

By the way, great app : thanks for it !


thanks for idea. I can understand it and we already thought about any possibility. Unfortunately it’s quite tricky task. We have some ideas how to implement but it is in the section of long term tasks. However the idea is open for voting, Thanks


Hi Petr,

Thanks. I was wondering if you think to adapt the code to geopackage (instead of import/export to shp).
It can bring some usefull compatibility to QGIS for exemple and help for style.

Speaking of that, do you think it could be possible to :

  • while importing a shp, keeping by defaut the name and SCR of the shp (to speed up importation process) ;
  • while importing a shp with .qml attached fo style (or geopackage) : keeping the style ;
  • related to that one : have the ability to apply thematique style (even a simple one, at least for 1 field)

Last but not least : Do you think that using forms while digitilzed a new entity is possible?

Thanks for that !


Hi Erwan,
thank you for ideas, thay make sens and I already thought about it. However it’s quite complex task. Please create new seperated ideas for them (support of Geopackage and support of qml).
Regarding thematic style - there already exist an idea Symbol clasification
BTW: I would rather suggest to create suport for SLD styling - that’s more standardized than qml.