Support Google maps?


Accidentally I clicked on “edit post”, instead of “reply”, so original question edited/erased.
I asked about the use of Google maps.

Found the answer (terms of use) in Locus MAP discussion forums. Quiestion answered, solved.


Unfortunately you’re right. Google Maps can’t be used nor in Locus Map nor in Locus GIS due to term of use.
BTW: do you need google maps base map or sattelite map? If yes, what area you’re interested in?


I want to use satellite map to identify the terrain with landmarks comparing satellite images with the field. The area I’m working on, is Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county in Hungary:


I tried to check if there is any WMS or WMTS service that we could use for Hungary. Unfortunately official latest ortofoto from FOMI office seems to be charged. However FOMI office published the sattelite (ortophoto) images from 2005 for free and the OSM commnity created online map service from these images. If you don’t mind that map is little bit obsolete:

  • Download custom provider definition file: hungary_fomi.xml (430 Bytes)
  • copy xml file into location /LocusGis/mapsOnline/custom
  • start Locus and select Menu > Map > Online > FOMI Hungary



Thank you Petr! It’s great, it works! How long does the Locus GIS keep the cached tiles of online maps?


The tiles remain in cache for unlimited time.
BTW: you can even download custom area for offline usage (there is limit for downloading 10 000 tiles /per day)

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