Some ideas about map view


Noticed, that with the latest upgrade, some UI tweaks were applied on map view (green buttons when collecting data, labels with black background) but that made me think about the limited visibility of background map (irrespectively of the tweaks) At least on my device.

Is it possible (or logical), to limit left side layer panel to active/editable layers? This way a lot of map area would free up and would be visible. As you can see, if only a few layers are turned on to edit, a lot of space is hidden from the map unnecessarily.

Other idea would be the possibility to turn off button labels. I think users would still know the function of those buttons without labels. Labels hide a lot of area as well.

Thirdly, is it possible to make panels (and buttons) transparent? Like in the early releases. It would broaden the visible area of the basemap.

Thanks for the best GIS app!

"Map center" button icon shifted


I support the proposal to make the labels transparent. Either in the settings or permanently.

Kind regards, Peter


It even blocks out measured distance numbers.