Settings of layers


One cosmetic problem has just emerged: when adding a new layer in LGIS there was an emerging problem in:

Layer --> settings --> labels --> draw outline/draw background: somehow neither is working.

Label settings of ‘older’ layers (coming from former LGIS version projects) are correctly showed. But: the former outline is now shown as ‘background’. Change or switch between outline or background is not successful.


I’m sorry but I’m not able to simulate it or I miss some point. Is it possible for you to create short video that depict this issue, please?
Thanks, Petr


@Osmoderma You have to choose attribute first. Then you can edit label settings.

Everything works fine for new, as well as for existing layers here.


We really found some bug in settings of outline and background color. Checkbox doesn’t respond or doesn’t reflect the current state. We’ll fix it.

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The problem with checkboxes will be fixed in the next version. Unfortunatelly we can simulate and find any issue with labels. Ticked is closed but feel free to contact me if issue will occur again.


I’d like to inform that 0.12.0 version was released, please test the checkboxes. Thanks

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