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For us (recently ‘power users’ of LGIS) could be the following of big interest: is there a way NOT to name every database as ‘project.db’ (which is stored in a specifically named path) instead of giving it an own specific name (e.g. like in QGIS)? Handling tons of project.db’s is annoying and error prone sometimes…


I see. We already talked about renaming - so definitely planned idea.
Thanks, Petr


Good to know!
Regarding the discussion: we have 15 tablets out in the field for citizen science. All of them with same LGIS project (beaver monitoring in Saxony). Projects are returning to our server by cloud but we have to take care to sort these into several paths… All are involved in QGIS. If we could name them as ‘project1.db’ … ‘’ thinks would get much easier!
I’m expectant… Sincerely, Jan

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I think that there are two solutions - to generate the name of db file based on name of project or enable to users to define custom name. I would vote for the first option but the question what will be possible :slight_smile:


I’d like to inform that idea is implemented. From the next version will be project database named based on project. After rename of project, database file will be renamed as well.
The new version do not influence the name of already existed project DB.

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Works great in ver 0.11.1! Even subsequent name change by 3rd party file admin is possible. Definitely helpful now when several guys are running same database (like we do in citizen science).

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