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Hi petre

I upgrade app from version 12 to 14, in last version there is problem, the apps become slowly and when I work to add (polygon, point, line) the language change to phone language, just in add geometries and than return normal after finish add, but I like use apps in English. Another problem, when I put layer appear on map and close app and open it again all geometries of layer is hidden in view maps.




Same here, features are hidden from map. Interestingly, I have added ROW ID attribute to the latest feature point, then afterwards all the other features went missing from the layer, only the last one with added row ID number remained on the map. I have deleted this last feature, but the rest are still missing. Layer is activated. Maybe issue related to row ID attribute?
Also, cannot change project CRS to desired CRS. HD EOV is selected, but WGS84 is set.


We released new version 0.14.1 today (available in Google Play in next hours). It probably doesn’t fix all your problems, but please test it.
I’m sorry I can’t simulate your issue with missing geometries. Please try to create video with your steps (if possible) and please send me (as usually) the content of folder /LocusGIS/project/<name_of_problematic_project>
The problem with translations will be probably little bit improved in 0.14.1. but it isn’t still ideal. Issue is caused due to new form of distribution of application from Google Play. GP want to minimize the size of app to remove unused languages but it can cause this issue.

The issue with coordinates is fixed in 0.14.1 (the CRS was set correctly but in the top panel were shown the coordinates in WGS84)
Thank you for info about rawID. Honestly it has to totally broke the project or database because the column rawId is standard sqlitedb column that automatically exists in DB. We’ll check it. But please don’t use such name until we fix it .
Thank you


Dear petr
I use version 0.14.1 for now, attribute is amazing it is made search very easy, but the problem with hidden geometries and change language, it is still at now.
in this version, new problem appear with add offline maps (maptiler) when add one map in view there are another map appear ( I record this problem in video here ), and when I export as CSV all information in Arabic language become symbol, and export to SD card donot work well.
Locus GIS (164 Bytes)



@ahmedsumer thank you for the .zip file but the package is empty. There are no zipped data. Would you please check it and upload the new file.
Thanks, Petr


Hi Petr
thanks for your help. I am sorry for this problem with .zip file, I send it again. as for video I cannot send it because attachment letter donot support video, may you give me email to send it.
LocusGis (315.0 KB)




Hi Ahmed,
thank you for the new zip file. I successfully imported the project but I can’t simulate it. Please send me the video file to the email: (You can use this email for further communication) It’s our new official help desk email.

Regarding encoding - I guess that’s caused by Excel. The exported CSV file use by default UTF8 encoding but Excel uses your local system encoding. Please use the feature ‘import text’ described at (and set UTF-8 encoding during import)
I can also suggest to use open source LibreOffice SW that ask for encoding of CSV file in open dialog. (as shown on attached image)


Hi Petr
thanks a lot for help. the problem because of language, I use my mother language in Phone ( Arabic) in LocusGIS I use English because it is support 100% , when I change my phone language to English, this problem disappear, if you want simulate this problem change your phone language to Arabic or any language.
in version 14.1 there are problem with offline maps ( Maptiler ), when add one map to view, appear with it other maps and apps became slow. I will send link of video on Dropbox here :
problem LocusGIS 14.1
( video size very big I cannot use email to send it for that i send it by Drobox link)
as for CSV file, thank you so much for help, I use (Text Import ) to fix encoding problem, it is work thanks for that again.
when you release new version?


sorry, I sent you video on your email ( ).



I have same problem with add offline maps to view.