Position acquired/lost setting


Both in position acquired and in lost, if I enable notification, but disable sound settings, then tap on SET, I get an error message: “Notification not set”. I have to set a beep or custom sound, to be able to leave this setting.

Or, f I set the sound setting to beep, but inactivate the “Enable” slide, I can leave the setting, and no beeping.

Is this setting option intentonal? Why the disable option in Sound settings, if I cannot disable it?
You could make a text message appear during map view, when “Position acquired/lost” by default, and the disable option would make sense. We get a text message, but we can disable sound.


Maybe this is rather an idea than a question.:thinking:


Good day Zvara,
these notification are about sound & vibrate only, not about some visual feedback. If you device lost GPS fix, you may see it on the map on symbol of GPS (in toolbar) or on symbol of you current location (change from blue circle to green).
So combination of “enabled notification”, but disabled sound and disable vibration is not possible. Visual notifications are not planned. Thanks for understanding.