Pictures and other media


I’m recently again working with my tree data. Some ideas regarding pics and other media:

  1. Would be fine not only to take a picture/video/audio but also to involve existing media from card (have to involve older tree pics which recently cannot be added).
  2. Possibility to remove media from data (have some involved pics where data changed and now I do only see icons - would like to remove these and replace by other pics from card).
  3. General possibility to add several data types (e.g. somtimes it would be useful to add a PDF or such).
  4. Possibility to set a data field as name convention for added pics. Recently layer name is involved in picture name (that’s good for sure) but for me involvement of additional field data could be helpful (in my case: tree numbers which are unique in layer).

thanks for this idea. The points 1-3 make sense and we already partially implemented it but we had to limit this functionality due to issues during export - as mentioned Geometry file attachments
Honestly I’m not sure about 4th point. It seems to be quite specific but let’s keep this idea open for voting

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Point 4: For sure this is a specific idea… We are using a special database software for tree inhabiting insect monitoring (programmed for Android in my own company) which takes (or imports) pics and adds the tree number from one field to start of the regular file name. Helps us to revisit pics outside database otherways. Probably very specific, but who knows?


I agree with you about attachment picture/video/audio and PDF from card to point,line,polygon feature in Data base, it very important in my field work like you.
I wrote about that here : Type of coordinates & other disappear
I back to use version 12.0 for that, you can delete new version 13.0 and than download 12.0 from here :
I hope that is well for your work


One more idea if possible:

  1. Possibility to delete media (partly I have some older pics to be replaced by newer ones)

@[quote=“Osmoderma, post:6, topic:266”]
Possibility to delete media (partly I have some older pics to be replaced by newer ones)

Do you mean to delete the attachment? It’s possible to delete it - open details of feature > edit > edit attachments > delete it.


Oops… I didn’t realise… Thanks for your hint. So forget idea 5…

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