Notification sounds based on GPS accuracy (like less than some threshold value)


Hi, I would like to know about the possibility of adding notification sound based on GPS accuracy. People when using in field sometimes fail to notice the GPS accuracy (in the title space) when marking assets. But having notification sounds based on some user accuracy will make help us greatly… thank you


There are sound settings in “Settings” > “GPS & sensors” > “NOTIFICATION SETTINGS” (Both for Position acquired and lost).


Yeah but that facilitates only for position acquire and lost settings but i need an option to set sound based gps accuracy level say 3 mts. If the accuracy is not less than 3 mts I should get sound so that user will wait for the GPS accuracy to get low enough to mark the asset… Even mobile vibration will work…


Ah, I see. Well it makes sense. I don’t know about such settings. Maybe developers could consider idea to implement.


I see thank you for an idea. It’s open for voting
BR, Petr