Measuring feature suggestions


Hi, I have some remarks regarding measuring.

First, I cannot place vertice when “quick drawing” is unchecked. So whether removing the “quick drawing” option from menu, or creating a button(s) to place vertices similarly (or the same way) like placing point features would make sense.

Secondly, I cannot snap vertices during measuring. Sometimes its better to snap, to reach more precise measuring (if vertice I want to snap to is precisely placed of course)

Thirdly, I cannot place vertices on top of features. Instead Locus opens attributes of feature I tap on.

Thanks for everything, especially for fulfilling users’ needs. Keep up the good work!



Ahh thank you for the post. It’s more a bug then idea. The buttons for adding points should be really available when quick drawing is disabled. Also second and third point should be fixed. We’ll check what’s possible
Thanks, Petr


issue is fixed. Please wait for next version.
Thanks, Petr


Thank you! Awesome news!


Maybe a possibility to snap to measuring vertex? It would be useful to close the measuring area by snapping to first vertex.


Actually, idea is unnecessary. Thanks guys!