Layer visibility isn't always remembered



I think there are two minor bugs in latest release.

First, layer visibility settings are not always remembered. Don’t know what are the exact steps to reproduce issue, but probably related to exiting layers menu, and/or closing/reloading app. Somehow it forgets that I turned on/off one of the layers, then it starts up without the latest setting.

Secondly, date attribute (set to be required) have to be approved when creating a new feature. It was automatically approved in previous releases.



thank you for the post. The problem with date attribute is already discussed at Date in layer does not fill current date and time

Regarding visibility settings - do you know if it occurs when app is properly closed?

Thanks, Petr


Interestingly, I cannot reproduce the issue. As you told, if app is properly closed, layer visibility settings are remembered. Forced closing makes it forget the settings. If I recall the steps, maybe the two “return button” (the one at the top left corner, and the device’s own) works differently.


Thank you @Zvara, we’ll try to improve it and to preserve layer visibility even when app is killed by system.
Thanks, Petr