Integrated Ntrip-Client?


Just experienced that my most excellent Android developers (Locus Pro) are already working for the more professional users … :slight_smile:
Great news!
But unfortunately, it seems that there’s still no integrated Ntrip client so far, isn’t it?
If so, I would highly recommend to add this functionality as soon as possible!
RTK hardware becomes cheaper and cheaper (not only L1 as NV08C-RTK or NEO-M8P but already multi-band products like NV08C-RTK-M or ZED-F9P now, too), and especially in Germany more and more users can get the “SAPOS HEPS” service (VRS via Ntrip) for free …
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Hello Hagen, I think so too. At the moment you can still use lefbure. This works fine, except for the satellite display in Locusgis. What is still missing, in measurements, the 2 places behind the decimal point.
What works very well is the WMS call - this is the only app where almost all WMS sources work … Praise to the developers