Incorrect GPS sign?


Has anyone ever noticed that after a while, GPS signal shows a cca. 20-40m inaccuracy (difference) in distance? It’s not bouncing, it thinks its 20-40m away from where actually I am.

Weather fine, no trees, buildings or other obstacles around.
I started recording tracklog, then I turned the screen off. Moving by car. Then I turned the screen on to check if I approached the target destination. And there, I have noticed, that GPS sign is inaccurate.
Pale green line is tracklog, arrows show the direction. Red rectangle corner is target destination.
Tracklog breakpont with red circle shows the point, where I noticed GPS sign inaccuracy (I stopped with the car). So I went to “Settings”, “GPS & sensors”, and clicked on “Reset A-GPS”, then went to “Satellites skyplot”, turned OFF getting location, then turned it ON. Went back to map, and saw that GPS sign went to where I actually was (orange circle). It’s the red arrow that shows the gap between the incorrect and correct sign. As you can see, the track towards the destination goes across an agricultural field (according to Locus), but I approached on the road, just as where I left the area (blue arrow).
I know that devices operate with a certain range of GPS inaccuracy, but I think this case is a bit different. After a while, during track recording GPS sign goes away with a 20-40m, then a GPS reset puts it back to place.

I think 59m and 34m are way too much.

Location is enabled for track recording, when screen off.

And its a re-occuring issue, reproducing on my device. After a while, it shows a difference again. If it’s an issue, maybe it has nothing to do with tracklog recording and it occurs anyways.


I’m sorry for complications but Locus GIS uses “raw” coordinates that are provided for app by system itself. There isn’t any filtration mechanism or something like that.
However try following setting: Open Menu > Settings > GPS and sensors > Google Services assisted location and enable it. Maybe it little bit improve your location
Thanks, Petr


Thanks for idea, I will try it.