Including photos


A helpful feature would be inclusion of photos (image layer or such) for documentation of whatever out in the field.
I just played a bit (first time so far) with LocusMaps. The Photo Point feature is quite pretty (at least at map surface). A similar functionality in LGIS (also with small pic icons in maps, but somehow realized as Database layer) would bei pretty! Could be helpful to have an individual setting of pic path available for automatic sync of all.


Today was released new beta 0.11.0 that supports the attachments. It’s possible to take photos, add photos from gallery and add other media and also arbitrary file. We’re planning to prepare feature for export layers into QGIS project to open attachments also on the PC.
Please test it and post ideas or issues.


I just tested this feature out in the field this week. Works fine so far in new LGIS version! Recently I didn’t solve the task to find a working way to import pics to desktop for further use in QGIS (import of LGIS project.db to desktop and automatic use in special QGIS projects is solved so far for us…).

But pic feature in LGIS is a first very good step!