Import existing list to "List" type attribute


If I create a new layer, and add “List” (enumeration) type attribute, can I add a list containing more than 400 record to choose from?
I collect protected bird occurence during field work, and we have more than 400 species with the scientific name list. Can I import that list to Locus GIS somehow? Thanks!


Sometimes I ask first, before I do a bit of a search. So here is my solution, if someone else has the same question:
Created a layer in Locus GIS, with an enumeration attribute, then exported template xml of that layer. Opened the .xml file with notepad on PC, then after a few modifications of my list (to make the text list structure compatible) pasted it in the xml file in the proper place. Saved the file, copied to phone memory, then imported template in Locus GIS. Watch for the encoding.


Scrollbar for enumeration attribute

Oh, sounds good! Having similar problems. We also prefer to use this list feature out in the field.


Where is the list of attribute enumeration stored normally?


Definition of attributes and also the enumeration is store in project definition file ‘’ (located in the project folder). Unfortunately it’s not possible to manually somehow edit the config file.