How to import GeoTiff


Is it possible to import GeoTiff?

Unfortunately it isn’t possible right now. But GeoTiff files can be easily converted into *.mbtiles format that’s supported by Locus GIS. Please see steps below

  • Install QGIS SW

  • Import source GeoTiff

  • Install QMetaTiles plugin
    Menu > Plugins > Manage and Install Plugins > Search for "QMetaTiles

  • Open Menu > Plugins > QMetaTiles > QMetaTiles

  • Select file to export, geotiff layer to convert and mainly the zoom levels.

  • Unfortunately plugins doesn’t recognize the best levels. But you can use following suggestions:
    - 1: 50 000 - use max zoom level about 15
    - 1: 25 000 - use max zoom level about 16 or 17
    - etc…

  • Copy the converted *.mbtiles file to your device into the folder/LocusGIS/maps

  • Start Locus GIS > Open Menu > Maps > Offline tab and select converted map


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Great idea but unfortunately QMetaTiles does not work properly on several of my devices… Hope it will leave experimental state…


There is another plugin Maybe would be helpful.
It should be also possible to use directly gdal2tiles

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