How to convert multipoint to singlepoint


I had a question earlier about multi- and singlepoints regarding their purpose and use.

My problem was that I need every single geometry as a different feature, but sometimes I happen to create multipoint feature by mistake. Altough creating multipoint is much faster when collecting data with identical attributes, I didn’t know how to deal with these during post process. Fortunately I stumbled upon a feature in QGIS and was able to split multipoint feature to singlepoints with the same attributes.
So first export layer to shp, load it in QGIS,
then Vector -> Geometry Tools -> Multipart to Singleparts

Choose layer from dropdown list, run, Voila!

Maybe some of you already knew this feature, but I think it deserves a “How to” Topic.

Now Locus GIS is even more versatile. :slight_smile:

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