GPS data in title space in 0.12.2


In the recently updated 0.12.2 version when selecting GPS data in the title space, " GPS OFF" is displayed. But in the satellite screen the GPS signal is received. The problem was only in the recently released 012.2. not in the previous releases…


that’s interesting, unfortunately I can not simulate it. Would you please send me screenshot from map view (with GPS title bar) and screenshot from GPS screen.
Thanks, Petr


Hi guys,
I’m aware of this problem. Will be solved in next version.

Problem should anyway appear only in moment, GPS is enabled, but not yet fully ready for use (does not have valid “fix”). After that, good old values should appear in the title as well.


Hi I just realized that only after getting GPS Fix the data is displayed in title bar. But in previous versions the GPS data displayed immediately…thank you for reply.