Get coordinates of added point


It would be useful to get coordinates of added point. For example I tap on an added point then it shows the X/Y coordinates under the map in the Geometry/Attribute page. Thanks!



The reason for this, I often need the coordinates of added point right during the field work, because we often need to document on a paper sheet form as well. And coordinates can only be obtained during post-work in ArcGIS.


Or an automatically filled feature type for X and Y coordinates could be added.


Is there any chance for this idea to implement? :slight_smile:


Honestly we haven’t talked about it…I hoped that somebody would vote for it. However it makes sense to see the coordinates in GIS app. I’ll discuss it with others


If I import a kml file to display, and tap on a feature to view attributes, it shows coordinates of that point feature. The same would be awesome with own feature points. Automatically filled coordinate attributes would be the best


I think that this is probably an inheritance from Locus Map app for this view.
However I thought about idea and IMHO the proper way should be little bit different. What about some special “function attribute” that users could define. Such attribute would contain for example, geometry centroid (for coordinates), length of the line, area of polygon, etc…


If it gives the X/Y coordinates in two different attribute column for point features, then it’s cool. Of course length(for line) and area(for polygon) are also obvious in this case.


May I ask for a small improvement? If coordinates would be in the custom coordinate set in the setting by the user, it would be cool.

The idea, to create an automatically filled attribute for x and y coordinates is rejected?


You’re right the coordinates should be in SRS of the layer.

The custom attributes are still planned but it takes some time and to add coordinates for points was quick (but temporary) solution.

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