Filter by value - unique value to display


I have Locus GIS (0.10.1) on my Huawei phone. I put the shp point data into the new project. It’s location of plants. In one column (it’s called “Typ”) I have 4 kinds of plants. I want to display those kinds on my map. For example “Typ 1” in green, “Typ 2” in blue, etc. I only see that I can display my layer in one style way, but I don’t want to split my data to four layers. Is it possible?

In Qgis that style function is called “Unique value”.


I’m sorry but such feature isn’t available in Locus GIS at this moment.
I change your question into an idea for voting.
Thank you for understanding


Hi All,

I’m new to the forum but I am a vivid LocusGis user.
My team and I also use the app in the field a lot (we work as ecologists) and it works like a charm.
One tool that would make the app a lot more efficient for our work is that a polygon/feature expresses a different colour on the map, based on values stored to the featuer.

A field example: We have shapefiles loaded in for fieldwork where we subdivided an area into different pieces based on the structure of the area as seen on a false colour air-photograph.
Once in the field, we record the vegetation in each piece seperate and we check the box ‘completed’. However, we could use the completed ‘yes-no’ checkbox as a label for each feature, but other labels are more important for us to see. What would help is that the colour of the shape was dependant on whether or not the ‘completed’ box was checked. E.g. completed is a red shape, not completed is a transparant shape.

I see that there where already two suggestions alike made on this forum. I hop this thread contributes to the cause :slight_smile:

Kind regards,