Exporting shape files


Can anybody help me?
I can’t export a polygon
shape that I create in the field as a record track.
I 've tried, but it doesn’t work.
Thanks in advance


could I ask you for more info? Is there any error message? Do you export it into internal memory?
Thanks, Petr


Hi, Petr. Apparently there’s no error when I try to export the shape (succesfully completed is the message). However when I connect my mobile phone into the laptop and go to the folder where it’s supposed to be stored (the internal memory of the mobile of course). I find nothing???



I’ve noticed similar behaviour. If I export layer to device memory, connect device to PC, I can’t find exported files. I have to restart mobile device, connect to PC, and then the exported files are there.
It seems like mobile device directory have to be refreshed with a restart. It updates the directory and makes newly created files visible.


@brain_mess would you please check the folder with any android file browser?


Zvara, I’ve restarted my mobile phone as you said and now I can see the shape files.
Thanks a lot!




the newly created (exported) files can be seen with the bult in file browser of Android:
its “asiotu_imrenek” dbf shp and shx exported just a few minutes ago.

But Windows 7 file exproler can’t see them:

After a mobile phone restart, Windows exproler can see them as well.


@Zvara thanks for the screenshots. Unfortunately it isn’t related with Locus GIS. It’s known issue of MTP connection netween PC and Android device. Please see link below for more info https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13737261/nexus-4-not-showing-files-via-mtp


Oh, I see. Thank you Petr!