Exported Shapfiles problem



I’m exporting shapefiles from locus gis to Arcgis but the files come without spatial referencie (only 3 files per shapefiles). The error in Arcgis says "the following data sources you added are missing spatial referencie information. This data can be drawn in arcmap, but cannot be projected.

Help please :frowning:


I’m sorry that’s known issue and I think that we should be able to fix it in the next versions.
I’m not familiar with the ArcGIS but I think that you can set the reference system for data sources. ( it’s possible in QGIS) Please see https://desktop.arcgis.com/en/arcmap/10.3/map/working-with-arcmap/specifying-a-coordinate-system.htm#GUID-7D31FB5A-FFEF-4CCF-AB6C-A745DD138C1B
The coordinate system of exported SHP file is defined in export dialog.
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I was switching from ArcGIS to QGIS years before. Since I’m working with LGIS (2014 or so) I’m usually not taking Shapes but prefer to involve LGIS project.db (which now can be named individually - pretty thing!) directly to QGIS. This is running perfectly without any projection issues. If really necessary I’m exporting Shapes from QGIS. But I have no more experiences how ArcGIS handles such stuff.
When in rare cases exporting Shapes from LGIS I know how my layers are projected - this is continued in exported Shapes. So you may only choose same EPSG as in your LGIS project.

By the way an idea for further development: could be helpful to have a general setting option for ‘standard projection’ (which is usually WGS84, but I in general prefer EPSG:25833) as well as standard coding (which is usually UTF8). Is there a chance to implement such standard setting?


@Osmoderma thank you for good idea I forgot to mention. LocusGIS works on the background with standard SpatiaLite database. This DB can be open directly in QGIS and I think that ArcGIS could support it because it’s OGC standard. The DB is located in folder /LocusGIS/project/yourproject/project.db file
BTW: if you decide to use QGIS I can suggest to use Export to QGIS feature. Menu > Projects and from top right option menu choose “Export to QGIS.”


@Osmoderma Regarding to default projection and encoding - please create new idea for it. Thanks


Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Exporting yo QGIS3 was the solución :slight_smile:

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