Export to ArcMap issue


I was quite impress when realize there is a app work with ArcGIS. It work great as app with their maps but have difficulties to export shp files to ArcGIS 10.6. I can import shp files for the ArcGIS but not vice versa Arcmap does not recognize the shp files for Locus GIS. Next what confusing me is the message in Play store “the app may be not optimized for your device”. Im working on Galaxy Tab S4.
Thank you for help in advace


does ArcMap provide more info about problems with your SHP or what exactly happen? Would you please try to test the SHP file in other software (eq - QGIS )
Thanks, Petr


Hi Petr, Thank you for repaly. Unfortunatly there is only a short message about unsuported format. I can send a screenshot if needed. I dont use QGIS so I can not check it.


would be possible for you to share with me the problematic SHP files? Please send me PM if possible
I’ll check it
Thanks, Petr