Drawing on pictures attached to an entities


Hi !
The capacity to draw thing on picture in an entities is a feature that could be useful for me, but it could be also done by attaching a files from the storage to an entities !
Have a nice day,



Hi Max,
would you please describe your idea more detailed, please? Do you want to create sketches in Locus GIS or edit image attachments?
Thanks, Petr


The idea is to have a tool that let you draw thing on the picture you added to a feature. Like the edition mode of picture included in the classic android picture-viewer. So it’s more an edit image attachments tool :slight_smile:


I have approxamiately the same idea, however i allready have a program that works well with adding notes to a picture. For me it would therefore be more usefull if it would be possible to attach a file from the storage (internal storage of the phone or tablet), Like Max also suggested as akternative option. This way it could also be possible to attach video- and audiofiles, which would also be very nice.