Different kml feature name


I have a polygon kml file on display, and if I tap on the feature, it shows the proper name of that feature in a small infobox on the map:

Then it opens the list where can choose the feature to view attributes. Feature name still correct:

But then, feaure attribute page shows a different feature name on top. It actually shows a different kml polygon feature on small map. The “110_1” feature name belongs to a different kml polygon.

I have more kml files from the same source, and all does the same error. I suppose I have to click on one kml feature, then If I click on an other, it shows the name of previously viewed feature in the attribute page.
Kml files “149_98” and “110_1” attached.
0110_1.kml (2.0 KB)
0149_98.kml (1.2 KB)


Thank you for detailed info - we’ll check it. There is probably issue with generation internal unique id for KML elements. Thanks


Thank you Zvara for the precise bug report. Issue found and fixed.

Temporary workaround for you may be setup of unique ID for content in your KML files, in this case set unique ID for <Folder id="\Detk"> . ID of folder is same in both files and this cause this problem. Anyway as I wrote, will be solved in next version. Thank You!

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