Deleting vertices


is there a way to delete seperate vertices of a polygon or polyline feature?


unfortunately it isn’t possible at this moment. However good idea - such feature should be available.


Thank you for the quick reply. It would be great if this feature could be added, maybe along with an option to undo the last action while drawing an polygon or polyline feature.
I allready find this is the most versatile, complete and brilliant mobile GIS app that is aroud though.


I see… I converted question to the idea.


At 3.33 there is a little menu that is allowing to delete verticles. How can I turn it on?

It’s pleasure for us to have users that are smarter then Locus team :slight_smile: You’re right this feature was by mistake broken. We’ll fix it to the next version.
Thank you!


Hi, in the previous version it was possible to delete one vertice clicking 3 times on it. But the little menu disappears in the new version! Sniff…


I have a multipoint feature, and I cannot delete vertices. Maybe related issue?


@Zvara - yes it can be caused with this issue. B


issue is fixed in new 0.12.0 version, thanks for report.