Default folders


Another bug. After launching app, it gives me this:

Why does it have two directories?
I leave selected as shown on screenshot, then tap “Confirm”. And it gives me the following error message:

Actually, everything is working well, It loads all layers, so I dont’t really understand this proroblem.

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the file system issue - Please select the first option and check also “Don’t ask again”. It seems that folder /…/menion/android/locus/gis/… is not used.

Thank you for screenshot with the second issue.We need the debug log or your project data to find out more about issue. Is it possible for you to create debug log, please? How create it is described at
Please start Locus > wait for orange error message > open Android system settings and create log in dev section.

Thank you


Orange error message disappeared by the time I managed to create debug log, but here it is: (1.5 MB)


Thanks for a log Zvara,
there is clearly visible some problem with import or loading of layer. We will fix it to next version, thank you!


With version 0.10.1 Update, orange error message doesn’t appear anymore. I suppose problem solved. Thank you! Keep up the good work!