Automatically open feature form


Option to automatically show up feature form when adding point feature? I often add point with different attributes quickly, right after the other. It would save me time if feature form appeared automatically right after adding point.


Hi, I found this old topic. I would ask in first step: is it possible that your idea is related with previous question about point vs multipoint? Or do you want to avoid confirmation (click on top panel) when you add single point?


I want to avoid confirmation. I prefer using single point data, so for me, it would be easier and faster if attribute form appeared automatically after adding a pont.

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You could put this feature next to “quick drawing”, and “enable snapping” in dropdown menu with a checkmark. For example: “Auto confirm [:heavy_check_mark:]”.


Still hoping for this idea to be taken into consideration. :slight_smile:


Honestly it doesn’t have high priority, but I keep idea open for voting and I can imagine that it can be useful to speed up the survey in the field…so maybe one day :slight_smile: