"attachments" link is mmissing while exporting to Qgis 3


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The “Export to QGIS 3” is a great feature to improve workflow from field to treatment. When i use the “attachments” tool on the field to add a pictures or something, these pictures are upload in a folder named “attachment” near the .qgs file and the data base. But once i open my shape on QGIS and go to the attribute table, i cant see any “hyperlink” or any other link such as the name of the attachment to assign the files to the different entities. I noticed a field named ‘lg_attach’ witch is empty in all of my attribute table.

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Unable to view attached files in entity inspection

Hi Max,
this issue is really related with your second topic Unable to view attached files in entity inspection
I would wait until we find out the reason of mentioned second issue and after that we can focus on this topic.
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I do have noticed, that the pictures that are showing up in locus also have the link in qgis. I think that is definitively linked to the second topic.

If someone else did have this problem and need a solution to get the pictures original emplacement, the coordinate of each picture are in the metadata of the files. There is a plugin in QGIS named ImportPhotos that can add your picture as a point-shape files regarding the Gps metadata




I had a similar problem. When exporting to QGIS my point layer with attached photos and opening the DB file, the “lg_attach” field appear with data like this:


Then I tried to use EVIS functionality of QGIS designed to view attached data, but the picture is not show, because QGIS doesn’t understand the attachment path. Is there another way to see DB with attached pictures created by LocusGIS?

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this issue should be fixed in the latest version of LocusGIS 0.12.2. Unfortunately it doesn’t fix already created attachments. So it’s needed to create new layer in your LocusGIS project, to map some data and create attachment. Finally do new export to the QGIS.
To show Attachement in the QGIS use “Actions > Attachments” and then click on the feature with attachment

Thank you for understanding
Please let me know about progress
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