Add form validation rules


My question is a little complicated sorry, I hope to make myself understood!

In locus gis, we complete our attribute tables with forms. The form can only be programmed by indicating the required fields. If a field indicated as “required field”, is not complete, we have an error message telling us that we must complete this field.

Could we get him to control other things?
I complete out my form with attributes that are interdependent.
For example, I note a tree referenced as “sick” in the “diagnostic” field and then write “mushrooms” in the “symptom” field. If I notice the tree as “healthy” in the field “diagnostic” but I still note “mushrooms” in the field “symptom” I would like an error message to show me that the field value is not logical compared to the other.

Is it possible and if so, how do you achieve that?
Maybe an xml file?


I’m sorry but it isn’t possible. Locus GIS does not support it. At this moment it’s possible to use only mentioned “required” field parameter or create “enumeration” - the list of values for specific field (column). But there isn’t any cross field validation.