Acquired mbtiles zoom out


I have acquired mbtiles for township periphery borders.
If this mbtiles layer is activated (and it’s the only one activated basemap), I cannot zoom above a certain extent. Zoom out icon is inactive.

If another basemap is activated besides mbtiles, then I can zoom out, but after a certain extent, mbtiles disappears.

Perhaps it has a defined zoom extent. It disappears if I reach that extent with another basemap, and limits zooming when it’s alone.

Is it an issue? It would be good if I could zoom out and still keep the mbtiles basemap.

Mbtiles zipped:


I’m sorry but this is correct behavior. For Locus is quite heavy to process and display this map when you zoom-out. For this reason is zoom-out disabled or map ‘disappear’ in some zoom level (if other base map is enabled in the project).
I don’t know how you prepare your .mbtiles file. But it’s needed to generate tiles for lower zoom levels. If you use the steps described at How to import GeoTiff please set ‘Minimum Zoom’ for example to 13 (you can try different values that fit’s your needs)
Thanks, Petr


Understood. Source/creator of mbtiles is unknown, just got hold of them by accident. No problem then, I was just curious if there’s a workaround from your side. Thanks!


Thanks, If you want, try to use mentioned plugin in QGIS - maybe it’s possible to generate the missing zoom-levels. O regenerate new maps from your .mbtiles map. But I’m not so familiar with it.
Thanks for understanding